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Incredible Incentives

Management can look outside of the public domain to create incentives they never thought they could.

Creating original experiences requires collaboration with partners willing to challenge the norm and see the value. They are out there.

We access exclusive and impressive networks to deliver year-round tailor-made experiences and incentives for enjoyment, motivation and education. Here’s some examples of what’s possible:

Experience sport with a workout and training session with World Champion Boxing and MMA talent, get backstage access to world class football and see the game the way a Manager sees it, enjoy gym, health and mental strength advice from elite football players, an elite training and kicking masterclass with international rugby stars or a coaching session and shooting practice with elite basketball players. 

Experience film and fashion on the red carpet of the oldest film festival in the world in the magical city of Venice, develop your eye for design, meet top fashion designers and attend premier shows and parties in Milan.

Unlock the power of your mind to get what you want with a world renowned Mentalist or learn to think in a different way, build confidence and entertain with mind reading tricks with one the world's greatest Magicians. 

Fine-tune your DJ skills on an Ibiza experience including villa, DJ coaching and VIP event passes. Stay at a legendary rock band's hotel, cut a track in their studio or experience an afternoon on the road with a top recording artist. Improve communication skills with an inspirational West End workshop designed by West End talent, perform in an award winning show in Las Vegas or with one of the world’s Great Maestros. 

Enjoy a three-day Chinese Business Culture experience, an outdoor adventure with a tailor-made survival challenge in the Arizona-Sonora desert, explore Antarctica with real Astronauts or discover more about the universe with one-of-a-kind talks and insight into higher conscious thinking, history and new paradigms in Science.

Do not let your imagination stop you there. Get in touch to learn more, share your ideas on tailored experiences and explore how best to incentivise your employees.


Dynamic Business Approach

Businesses can struggle to demonstrate a new and dynamic approach with a difference.

As one of the most imaginative and connected businesses in our sector we provide an approach that will allow your business and clients to do things you never thought you could. 

An approach that adds information and insight to the way you think and the way you work. Through experience and contacts we build on your current and proven services by offering you the opportunity to do things differently and help translate your imagination into compelling results. An approach embraced by Conference Contacts and Scarlett Entertaiment.

Experienced in identifying new business opportunities, conceptualising unique experiences, working with exceptional talent, in front of and behind the scenes, and delivering in a way that only we know how, we provide you and your clients with the tools to do things you never thought you could. 

Get in touch to learn more about business strategy, the creation of new creative concepts, connecting those creative concepts to a commercial strategy and delivering to suit your needs. 


Developing Event Brands

Event creators often underestimate the effort needed to deliver.

If your objectives are to engage and build loyalty with a specific audience and high profile figures from entertainment and media then we can help build your event brand, strategy and a yearly programme of activity to live on variety of platforms.

At the research and development phase we produce proposals that might include: theme and concept, strategy, creative, talent, media partners, venues, broadcast treatment, sponsors, project team structure, timing plans and a profit and loss breakdown. A phase demonstrated with An Inside Event and the Maidenhead Food & Fitness Festival.

Following a development agreement and proposal we deliver in a way that only we can. Get in touch to learn more and share your event brand ideas. 


Put On A Show For Every Guest

Venues are always thinking about how to market their brand better than the competition.

Hashtag Hotels is a brand new pop-up concept that puts on a show for every guest. Launched in summer 2018, focused on students and young people, Hashtag Hotels offers a 21st century travel solution with access to unique experiences and we created the strategy; Hashtag Hotels Supports Artists. 

Hashtag Hotels trusted us to design the most relevant and feasible entertainment and marketing strategy possible. What we provided was a strategy that allows the group to help management and up and coming artists on their development cycle. Taking care of the destination on tour, promoting new releases across Hashtag Hotels’ databases and contributing content to deliver an exceptional “instagram moment’” for guests and fans.

With our knowledge, experience and network, Hashtag Hotels Support Artists is nicely balanced to benefit all parties, with VIP experiences, ticketed events, tour and festival tickets, playlists, collaborative merchandise opportunities, original experiences and exclusive music and content.

Get in touch to learn more and share thoughts on your own strategic and marketing needs.

Laughter Helps

If you struggle to hold delegates’ attention while detailing specific brand messages and win new business, laughter can help! 

Let us create an entertainment strategy and tailored experiences built around comedy, with the likes of Chris Washington, Helen Duff, Kemah Bob and Heidi Regan.

Get in touch to learn more about how laugher can support your company messaging.

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Forecasting Trends

Businesses and brands must fight to find the time to keep on top of trends.

Retail calendars, fashion and design have a huge impact on the high street model.  Let us create an immersive strategy and tailored experiences to improve the confidence in forecasting trends and predicting what audiences will be looking for.

We’ll take you out of the boardroom and into the studio with access to top design talent. We’ll take you behind the scenes on an insider fashion experience, give you access to brands, design houses, previews and private shows.

Let your business benefit from proactively forecasting trends, you can even rub shoulders with celebrities.

Get in touch to learn more and share thoughts on the value of forecasting trends.


Inside Information

Providing your leadership team, or your fans, with first hand stories from the best in the field.

We can create a strategy, a series of online experiences, using a brand new digital solution to channel personalised expert advice. Inside information from some of the UK’s most recognised coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals; informing and inspiring a tangible benefit for your business.

New Business Experiences

If you’re looking for a high quality venue with the finest food and hospitality to help present your company message, or a unique environment to demonstrate the consistent principles that drive performance, wellbeing in the workplace, and ultimately success to your leadership, we can help.

We will create a strategy and design experiences with proven entrepreneur, hotelier Michael Caines MBE. One of Britain’s most popular chefs Michael has creatively and imaginatively realised a dream at Lympstone Manor with country house hospitality for the 21st century.

Working with the estate, which has captured Michael's heart and mind, we deliver a series of business-focused experiences with the finest food, hospitality and resident guest speaker. 

As a businessman and communicator, let Michael Caines give your event and message an authentic context, world-class food and accommodation in a truly unique environment. 

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Wellbeing In Your Business

Businesses need to address wellbeing, stress and low mood in their teams.

Let us create a strategy and programme for your business. We’ll provide tailored access to nutrition, fitness and mental strength advice from elite sporting talent. We’ll put you closer to a range of online information, interventions and workshops from head coaches.

We’ll create the ultimate in personalised experiences with professional athletes including: a workout with a world-champion boxer, a gym masterclass with a rugby international, shooting practice with basketball stars or training with an elite football player.

Get in touch to find out how your business can discover the benefit of addressing wellbeing.


Magic Is Real

All business and brands compete to stand out.

We’ll show you that magic is real with Dynamo and his team to achieve the unachievable.

Dynamo is one of very few magicians who truly transcends the genre and is the most followed across social media. His stunts have made headlines around the world, from mind reading to incredible card manipulation. From close up performances at The Family Office Forum to technically innovative stage shows for Chime Sports Marketing, AIA Insurance and Fiat, Dynamo’s unique brand of magic creates a major talking point in any context.

He has performed at the most exclusive parties and product launches, with clients including Jay Z, Lewis Hamilton and Coldplay as well as global brands such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. 

Get in touch to learn more and share thoughts on how illusion and magic expertise can help your business.

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Neighbourhood Champions

We got involved with our local neighbourhood by combining the things we enjoy with business. Our strategic approach has donated services to The Samphire Club Exeter Chiefs RFC Exeter City FC and the Exeter Phoenix multi-form arts venue. The benefits, for every side of the equation, are positive and that’s a product of the time and effort invested every bit as much as the modest financial investment. 

Let us create a similar strategy for your business. Find out what your community needs and how your company can help. We’ll look at sponsorships, partnerships and tailored experiences to increase brand awareness. We’ll build your reputation and show your passion for bettering the world around you and the business of your partners.

Get in touch to learn more and find out how you can get involved with your community.


Need Better Connections?

Do you have amazing ideas but struggle to realise them? Could your company benefit from better connections in specific, specialist areas?

We work with business leaders practiced in those parts of the equation. Let our unconventional creativity, our extensive networks in the entertainment industry, build a strategy to put your ideas in lights.

There’s a lot of creativity in entertainment and there’s a lot of creativity in business, however, the entertainment industry evolves at high speed. Keeping up to date, flexible and open to change will help keep your ideas and your business relevant.


Improve Your CV

Our passion is to support ALL young people from any background looking for access to the entertainment industry. We provide a platform where traditionally unobtainable information can be found on the individuals, companies and opportunities that exist through personal development and creative workshops.

This immersive introduction to the live entertainment industry will give you the confidence to make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be with a customised plan.

Designed to equip you with advanced entry-level knowledge, that will help fast-track your career and education in the entertainment industry, this promises to be a unique opportunity to ask questions on the topics you want answers on and listen to first hand stories and insider knowledge.

We’ll discuss the live entertainment industry and subindustries, its ideas, leaders, agencies, venues, suppliers and work related learning experience opportunities. We’ll explore your areas of interest, tools that will make you and your CV stand out from the crowd and how to plan for the future.

We believe in preparing you for the real world with knowledge and confidence to enter the work place and we’ll provide continual in depth Q&A’s. Worth the fee? We guarantee you will develop a solid plan, an introductory understanding of the live entertainment industry and better ways to improve your CV and chances of finding the right work or further education.


Creative Events

Occasionally business leaders need a trusted and knowledgeable Creative Event Producer to represent them or an experienced Event Management team that can deliver on their behalf.

Over the years we have used our expertise to provide forward thinking and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest events, promoters, brands, charities and public organisations within the latest health and safety guidelines wherever required.

Our experience and highly practical network covers event production and broadcast co-ordination, tour support, backstage management, temporary infrastructure, event intelligence and brand activation across private and public sectors.

Coupled with a unique understanding of event design and firsthand experience of the role played by clever creative input. Our creative network includes a number of independent working artists, entrepreneurial designers, creative specialists and advisors in other disciplines such as film, which forms part of an extended design resource pool. 

Collectively we can apply hard to find practical and creative skills to live event briefs covering brand and event identity, theme and concepts, stage and graphic design, 3D, CAD and moving image. With such an importance placed on branding we have access to a network of highly skilled manufacturers and fabricators able to develop ideas, originate bespoke branding solutions or simply ensure you are delivered high-quality results and value for money. 

Get in touch to learn more, share your ideas and explore how we can get creative with your events.


Understand New Interests

Would you like your audience to understand the bigger picture?

Do you understand the core values of your best people?

In today’s highly competitive environment we need a new attitude towards the workplace and a better understanding of people’s interests.

Let us create a strategy and deliver experiences that provide opportunities for development in new paradigms - consciousness, history and science - not just running clubs, work drinks and big salaries.

Offering new opportunities, like these, will yield valuable benefits for your business. Get in touch to find out more.


Bold Spectator Experiences

Brands must take a strategic approach to create inclusive and bold spectator experiences they can be proud of.

We think creatively and commercially when designing engaging spectator experiences for all the family. 

Creatively we start with a platform that gives everyone a chance to be part of the experience. An experience for all ages that can be enjoyed, captured and shared. 

Commercially we look to maximise visibility, develop relevant and value added partnerships, engage and build loyalty with fans, new followers and high profile figures to grow spectator numbers.   

We know how to launch, drive awareness, design, develop and deliver bold spectator experiences. At the same time take inspiration from others, demonstrate they work financially and remain focused on the creative and commercial success of the overall objectives. 

Get in touch to learn more and share thoughts on your bold spectator experience ideas.


Stick To Your Vision

Any business can make their proposition more compelling and engaging.

Q: What does making a film have in common with growing and running a business? A: Pulling together a great team, sticking to your vision, working to budgets and learning from your mistakes to deliver something unique.

Lets us develop a strategy and tailored experiences built around film as we have for the Quintessentially Elite Membership and Wallpaper.

We’ll theme meetings and conferences, work with experienced directors and actors and put you on the red carpet in Venice, the oldest, most historic film festival in the world. An unforgettable opportunity, you’ll meet emerging filmmakers and discuss the process for inspiration. Access the opening ceremony, gala dinner, screenings, world premieres, closing awards show and after parties with international stars.

Get in touch to learn more and share thoughts on how your business connects to the world of film.

Learn From Sport

Commercial teams from all sectors can learn from sport.

If you would like inspiration form one of the world’s leading sports clubs, let us take you on a tailored commercial insight experience with Premier League Champions Manchester City.

Together we have created opportunities that combine enjoyment, interest and business. An understanding of how executives operate, seeing the game the way the manager sees it, experiencing the finest hospitality and exploring the benefits of a deeper connection between club and fans.

Manchester City FC is top of the league on the pitch and off it in terms of how the game, and the business, can be experienced. As an official partner of the club we can bring you the most authentic learning experiences. Get in touch to learn more and share your thoughts and what you might learn from sport.