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Creative Events

Occasionally business leaders need a trusted and knowledgeable Creative Event Producer to represent them or an experienced Event Management team that can deliver on their behalf.

Over the years we have used our expertise to provide forward thinking and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest events, promoters, brands, charities and public organisations within the latest health and safety guidelines wherever required.

Our experience and highly practical network covers event production and broadcast co-ordination, tour support, backstage management, temporary infrastructure, event intelligence and brand activation across private and public sectors.

Coupled with a unique understanding of event design and firsthand experience of the role played by clever creative input. Our creative network includes a number of independent working artists, entrepreneurial designers, creative specialists and advisors in other disciplines such as film, which forms part of an extended design resource pool. 

Collectively we can apply hard to find practical and creative skills to live event briefs covering brand and event identity, theme and concepts, stage and graphic design, 3D, CAD and moving image. With such an importance placed on branding we have access to a network of highly skilled manufacturers and fabricators able to develop ideas, originate bespoke branding solutions or simply ensure you are delivered high-quality results and value for money. 

Get in touch to learn more, share your ideas and explore how we can get creative with your events.


Understand New Interests

Would you like your audience to understand the bigger picture?

Do you understand the core values of your best people?

In today’s highly competitive environment we need a new attitude towards the workplace and a better understanding of people’s interests.

Let us create a strategy and deliver experiences that provide opportunities for development in new paradigms - consciousness, history and science - not just running clubs, work drinks and big salaries.

Offering new opportunities, like these, will yield valuable benefits for your business. Get in touch to find out more.