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Incredible Incentives

Management can look outside of the public domain to create incentives they never thought they could.

Creating original experiences requires collaboration with partners willing to challenge the norm and see the value. They are out there.

We access exclusive and impressive networks to deliver year-round tailor-made experiences and incentives for enjoyment, motivation and education. Here’s some examples of what’s possible:

Experience sport with a workout and training session with World Champion Boxing and MMA talent, get backstage access to world class football and see the game the way a Manager sees it, enjoy gym, health and mental strength advice from elite football players, an elite training and kicking masterclass with international rugby stars or a coaching session and shooting practice with elite basketball players. 

Experience film and fashion on the red carpet of the oldest film festival in the world in the magical city of Venice, develop your eye for design, meet top fashion designers and attend premier shows and parties in Milan.

Unlock the power of your mind to get what you want with a world renowned Mentalist or learn to think in a different way, build confidence and entertain with mind reading tricks with one the world's greatest Magicians. 

Fine-tune your DJ skills on an Ibiza experience including villa, DJ coaching and VIP event passes. Stay at a legendary rock band's hotel, cut a track in their studio or experience an afternoon on the road with a top recording artist. Improve communication skills with an inspirational West End workshop designed by West End talent, perform in an award winning show in Las Vegas or with one of the world’s Great Maestros. 

Enjoy a three-day Chinese Business Culture experience, an outdoor adventure with a tailor-made survival challenge in the Arizona-Sonora desert, explore Antarctica with real Astronauts or discover more about the universe with one-of-a-kind talks and insight into higher conscious thinking, history and new paradigms in Science.

Do not let your imagination stop you there. Get in touch to learn more, share your ideas on tailored experiences and explore how best to incentivise your employees.


Inside Information

Providing your leadership team, or your fans, with first hand stories from the best in the field.

We can create a strategy, a series of online experiences, using a brand new digital solution to channel personalised expert advice. Inside information from some of the UK’s most recognised coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals; informing and inspiring a tangible benefit for your business.

Neighbourhood Champions

We got involved with our local neighbourhood by combining the things we enjoy with business. Our strategic approach has donated services to The Samphire Club Exeter Chiefs RFC Exeter City FC and the Exeter Phoenix multi-form arts venue. The benefits, for every side of the equation, are positive and that’s a product of the time and effort invested every bit as much as the modest financial investment. 

Let us create a similar strategy for your business. Find out what your community needs and how your company can help. We’ll look at sponsorships, partnerships and tailored experiences to increase brand awareness. We’ll build your reputation and show your passion for bettering the world around you and the business of your partners.

Get in touch to learn more and find out how you can get involved with your community.


Need Better Connections?

Do you have amazing ideas but struggle to realise them? Could your company benefit from better connections in specific, specialist areas?

We work with business leaders practiced in those parts of the equation. Let our unconventional creativity, our extensive networks in the entertainment industry, build a strategy to put your ideas in lights.

There’s a lot of creativity in entertainment and there’s a lot of creativity in business, however, the entertainment industry evolves at high speed. Keeping up to date, flexible and open to change will help keep your ideas and your business relevant.


Creative Events

Occasionally business leaders need a trusted and knowledgeable Creative Event Producer to represent them or an experienced Event Management team that can deliver on their behalf.

Over the years we have used our expertise to provide forward thinking and practical solutions to some of the world’s biggest events, promoters, brands, charities and public organisations within the latest health and safety guidelines wherever required.

Our experience and highly practical network covers event production and broadcast co-ordination, tour support, backstage management, temporary infrastructure, event intelligence and brand activation across private and public sectors.

Coupled with a unique understanding of event design and firsthand experience of the role played by clever creative input. Our creative network includes a number of independent working artists, entrepreneurial designers, creative specialists and advisors in other disciplines such as film, which forms part of an extended design resource pool. 

Collectively we can apply hard to find practical and creative skills to live event briefs covering brand and event identity, theme and concepts, stage and graphic design, 3D, CAD and moving image. With such an importance placed on branding we have access to a network of highly skilled manufacturers and fabricators able to develop ideas, originate bespoke branding solutions or simply ensure you are delivered high-quality results and value for money. 

Get in touch to learn more, share your ideas and explore how we can get creative with your events.