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Put On A Show For Every Guest

Hashtag Hotels is a brand new pop-up concept that puts on a show for every guest. 

Launched in summer 2018, focused on students and young people, Hashtag Hotels offers a 21st century travel solution with access to unique experiences and we designed the strategy; Hashtag Hotels Supports Artists. 

It’s a strategic approach that allows the group to help management and up and coming artists on their development cycle. Taking care of the destination on tour, promoting new releases across Hashtag Hotels’ databases and contributing content to deliver an exceptional “instagram moment’” for guests and fans.

Hashtag Hotels Support Artists is nicely balanced to benefit all parties, with VIP experiences, ticketed events, tour and festival tickets, playlists, collaborative merchandise opportunities, original experiences and exclusive music and content.

Inspiration From World Leading Sports Clubs

If you’re looking for inspiration form one of the world’s leading sports clubs, let us take you on a tailored commercial insight experience with Premier League Champions Manchester City.

Together we have created opportunities that combine enjoyment, interest and business. An understanding of how executives operate, seeing the game the way the manager sees it, experiencing the finest hospitality and exploring the benefits of a deeper connection between club and fans.

Manchester City FC is top of the league on the pitch and off it in terms of how the game, and the business, can be experienced. As an official partner of the club we can bring you the most authentic learning experiences.

Stick To Your Vision

Q: What does making a film have in common with growing and running a business? A: Pulling together a great team, sticking to your vision, working to budgets and learning from your mistakes to deliver something unique.

Lets us develop a strategy and tailored experiences built around film. We’ll theme meetings and conferences, work with experienced directors and actors and put you on the red carpet in Venice, the oldest, most historic film festival in the world. An unforgettable opportunity, you’ll meet emerging filmmakers and discuss the process for inspiration. Access the opening ceremony, gala dinner, screenings, world premieres, closing awards show and after parties with international stars.

Achieve The Unachievable

Would you like your business to truly stand out?

Let us work our magic for you with Dynamo and his team to achieve the unachievable.

Dynamo is one of very few magicians who truly transcends the genre and is the most followed across social media. His stunts have made headlines around the world, from mind reading to incredible card manipulation.

He has performed at the most exclusive parties and product launches, with clients including Jay Z, Lewis Hamilton and Coldplay as well as global brands such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. 

Dynamo’s unique brand of close up magic creates a major talking point in any context.

Dymano Kelly Levitate.jpg

Laughter Helps

If you struggle to hold delegates’ attention while detailing specific brand messages and win new business, laughter can help! 

Let us create an entertainment strategy and tailored experiences built around comedy, with the likes of Chris Washington, Helen Duff, Kemah Bob and Heidi Regan.

Proactively Forecast Trends

Retail calendars, fashion and design have a huge impact on the high street model.  Let us create a strategy and tailored experiences to improve the confidence in forecasting trends and predicting what audiences will be looking for.

We’ll take you out of the boardroom and into the studio with access to top design talent. We’ll take you behind the scenes on an insider fashion experience, give you access to brands, design houses, previews and private shows.

Let your business benefit from proactively forecasting trends, you can even rub shoulders with celebrities.

Address Wellbeing In Your Business

Are you looking to address wellbeing, stress and low mood in your team?

Let us create a strategy and programme for your business. We’ll provide tailored access to nutrition, fitness and mental strength advice from elite sporting talent. We’ll put you closer to a range of online information, interventions and workshops from head coaches.

We’ll create the ultimate in personalised experiences with professional athletes including: a workout with a world-champion boxer, a gym masterclass with a rugby international, shooting practice with basketball stars or training with an elite football player.

Find out how your business can discover the benefit of addressing wellbeing.

21st Century Business Experiences

If you’re looking for a high quality venue with the finest food and hospitality to help present your company message, or a unique environment to demonstrate the consistent principles that drive performance, wellbeing in the workplace, and ultimately success to your leadership, we can help.

We will create a strategy and design experiences with proven entrepreneur, hotelier Michael Caines MBE. One of Britain’s most popular chefs Michael has creatively and imaginatively realised a dream at Lympstone Manor with country house hospitality for the 21st century.

Working with the estate, which has captured Michael's heart and mind, we deliver a series of business-focused experiences with the finest food, hospitality and resident guest speaker. 

As a businessman and communicator, let Michael Caines give your event and message an authentic context, world-class food and accommodation in a truly unique environment. 

Understand New Interests

Do you understand the core values of your best people? Would you like employees to buy into the businesses bigger picture?

In today’s highly competitive environment we need a new attitude towards the workplace and a better understanding of people’s interests. Let us create a strategy and deliver experiences that provide opportunities for development in new paradigms - science, spirituality, and mindfulness - not just running clubs, work drinks and big salaries.

Offering new opportunities, like these, will yield valuable benefits for your business.

Need Better Connections?

Do you have amazing ideas but struggle to realise them? Could your company benefit from better connections in specific, specialist areas?

We work with business leaders practiced in those parts of the equation. Let our unconventional creativity, our extensive networks in the entertainment industry, build a strategy to put your ideas in lights.

There’s a lot of creativity in entertainment and there’s a lot of creativity in business, however, the entertainment industry evolves at high speed. Keeping up to date, flexible and open to change will help keep your ideas and your business relevant.

Inside Information

Providing your leadership team, or your fans, with first hand stories from the best in the field.

We can create a strategy, a series of online experiences, using a brand new digital solution to channel personalised expert advice. Inside information from some of the UK’s most recognised coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals; informing and inspiring a tangible benefit for your business.

Neighbourhood Champions

We got involved with our local neighbourhood by combining the things we enjoy with business. Our strategic approach donates products and services to the Exeter Chiefs RFC and the Exeter Phoenix arts venue. The benefits, for every side of the equation, are positive and that’s a product of the time and effort invested every bit as much as the modest financial investment. 

Let us create a similar strategy for your business. Find out what your community needs and how your company can help. 

We’ll look at sponsorships, partnerships and tailored experiences to increase brand awareness and build your reputation; show your passion for bettering the world around you and the business of your partners.