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Could entertainment do more to help us all connect, celebrate the human experience and improve future generations?

For many years our approach to life and work has been built on intense creative thinking, coming from left field and questioning the norm. It has always felt like there is a different way to look at things at home and in our work to achieve more satisfying life goals and professional results. In recent times this has lead to yet more thinking, questions and extensive research into higher consciousness, our history and new paradigms in science. What we have discovered, and continue to discover, is a very real and different view of the world and how we all fit into it.

This view of the world, and the continued discovery of new knowledge and insight, has reaffirmed our original approach. At the same time it has given us clarity and a far broader outlook of life and how we approach generating new ideas. An outlook that forms the basis of our ability to create entertainment in a unique context and contribute to the improvement of future generations.

It’s important we share this view of things, that connects us all, and we are always looking at ways to do this through entertainment project work and workshops. What we understand is that people and audiences have different beliefs and multiple ways of perceiving things which should be respected, however, it is these beliefs that have created unnecessary divisions in our society and a lack of collective awareness and togetherness. Divisions which should be addressed and shelved now to help future generations be good people, live the lives they want and to follow their dreams. It’s that simple.

The aim of the forthcoming information and inspiration, is not to convince, convert or argue in favour of a new view of things but to raise awareness, ask questions and respect a different view of the world that should be more widely accessible through various forms of entertainment and communication, free from the control systems that are currently holding it back. A view that focuses less on what we believe but more on what we do to help us all connect, celebrate the human experience and improve future generations.

Look out for the following articles, coming soon, and tell us what you will think. What will you do? Do your own research, share your discoveries and enjoy the ride.

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