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Our passion is to support ALL young people from any background looking for access to the creative industries. We create development experiences, through workshops and events, where traditionally unobtainable access and information can be found on the individuals, companies and opportunities that exist to inspire future generations. 

For companies get in touch to find out how development experiences can help your business inspire future generations. For individuals, review our online one-to-one courses and complete the form below to schedule a FREE introductory session.



This immersive introduction to the live entertainment industry will give you the confidence to make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be with a customised plan.

Designed to equip you with advanced entry-level knowledge, that will help fast-track your career and education in the entertainment industry, this promises to be a unique opportunity to ask questions on the topics you want answers on and listen to first hand stories and insider knowledge.

We’ll discuss the live entertainment industry and subindustries, its ideas, leaders, agencies, venues, suppliers and work related learning experience opportunities. We’ll explore your areas of interest, tools that will make you and your CV stand out from the crowd and how to plan for the future.

We believe in preparing you for the real world with knowledge and confidence to enter the work place and we’ll provide continual in depth Q&A’s. Worth the fee? We guarantee you will develop a solid plan, an introductory understanding of the live entertainment industry and better ways to improve your CV and chances of finding the right work or further education.


How to pitch, sell and deliver relevant ideas.

Whether you’re pitching for funding or a corporate project this immersive programme looks at how to encapsulate your light bulb ideas into saleable, creative and commercial concepts. We’ll then look at presenting those ideas, the process of producing after the pitching is done and collaborating with others who become involved in the final delivery.

Empowering you to approach ideas with a creative and commercial mind, unique selling points and how to deliver the nuts and bolts efficiently, this workshop features a current real world brief for a brand new pop-up hotel concept. Offering guests a unique way to travel and access original entertainment experiences this new brand needs a relevant strategy and delivery expertise. Let’s get to work.

This is an immersive and engaging way to get inspiration, ideas and practical information before pitching and delivering relevant ideas privately or on behalf of an organisation. Built around the following key pillars of Creative & Commercial, Research & Development, Delivery and Measurement we will work our way through a real world brief and be ready to launch by the end of the programme.


8 x 60 minute one-to-one sessions.

Includes a summary email after each session with key actions and access to industry contacts and resources. Sessions to take place via Skype or other digital platforms. Sessions spaced 2 weeks apart subject to availability.

£400 or 8 x £50 instalments.

Access to single sessions are available after a programme is completed.


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