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New Interests Experiences

What’s really going on in our world?

Would you like your best people and customers to be more aware of the bigger picture? Let us help you create experiences and events with a focus on new interests including:

Creative thinking - Intensely develop creative natural talents and personal passions. 

Consciousness - Think differently about ourselves, our mind, body and soul.

Human history - Spot new and old information which is constantly emerging that will change everything. 

Political corruption: Understand the illegality which has been, and is, occurring worldwide.

New paradigms in science and technology: Research emerging information that will change the world radically, and in a way that most people have no idea what’s coming.


Daily Rates

New interests experiences R&D and creation: £500 

New interests experiences, direction and live delivery: £500

Weekly and monthly rates? We are able to block periods of time based on a project brief and a scope of work. Simply get in touch to discuss prices.

New interests experiences

We are developing our own live experiences and events concepts tackling the subjects of creative thinking, consciousness, human history, political corruption and new paradigms in science and technology.

To understand more about our ongoing research, workshop and event development tackling these subject get in touch and make your own mind up.

Do things you never thought you could | Realise your true potential | The more you learn the more you see

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